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Kyau And Albert - Distant Lights (Album) 13th Fubruary, 2015 | Euphonic | Trance Оценка: -----

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Kyau And Albert - Distant Lights (Album) (2015)


Release Info:
Artist: Kyau And Albert
Title: Distant Lights (Album)
Style: Trance / Progressive
Record Label: Euphonic
Catalog #: EUPH200
Release Date: 13th Fubruary, 2015 (Beatport Exclusive)
Source: WEB
Release Quality: 320 kbps / 44,100 Hz / Full Stereo
Total Size: _ MB


01. So Easy (Original Mix) 3:53
02. It's Always Been You (Original Mix) 4:29
03. Are You One of Us (Album Version) 4:54
04. Follow the Waves (Original Mix) 3:22
05. One (Album Version) 3:54
06. Calming Rain (Album Version) 4:36
07. Relevant Angel (Album Version) 3:45
08. Down (Album Version) 4:41
09. Let the Thunder In (Original Mix) 5:00
10. My Silent Heart (Original Mix) 3:34
11. The Same (Original Mix) 3:14
12. A Million Different Stars (Original Mix) 3:38
13. What You Don't Know (Original Mix) 2:18


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Release Description:
Producer/DJs Ralph Kyau and Steven Albert have been pairing their profilic artistry in the EDM world for two decades and as the famed Kyau & Albert they are embarking on their highly anticipated forth studio album DISTANT LIGHTS. Their latest delivers a trajectory of timeless familiarities commencing with the idyllic then building to a riveting, dancefloor sensation. Tracks like "One" teaming with the expertise of label mates Stoneface & Terminal, and "So Easy" give us this effective, formula building while adequately adorning them with the vocal trance euphoria of Steven Albert.

Guest artists include Neev Kennedy on "Let The Thunder In" which strays from the ensemble with echoes of a darker, moodier and harder perception of its neighboring tracks. Adaja Black, of the DISTANT LIGHTS predecessor NIGHTS AWAKE, revisits the Kyau & Albert collective with the warm embrace and weightless glide of "It's Always Been You".

Fans already favorably identify with "Are You One Of Us" featured on the duo's monthly podcast Euphonic Sessions. And the same goes for "Relevant Angel" also earning its due relevance on A State Of Trance Episode, the award winning radio show by Armin van Buuren. But the positive, significant hype surrounding smash hit "Down" (as also featured on Above & Beyond's Group Therapy Radio) has droves asking about the starring female vocalist. She's the enigmatic, hot commodity known as Sofia. That's all they're giving up at this time (or forever) with her obscurity adding to the track's allure.

Kyau & Albert push their genre confines as they continue to reinvent themselves dabbling in the reverb of dubstep surrealism on "Follow The Waves" while hovering on the verge of drum'n'bass syncopation on "A Million Different Stars".

With their latest enterprising achievement they transcend their trance fluidity, drive their bassline ideologies, unleash an innocuous experiment and they once again deliver an uncompromising success story.

DISTANT LIGHTS is a glowing testimonial to the capacity and multiplicity of the Kyau & Albert team with their future and EDM legacy well rooted while continuing to shine bright. [Review by EDM for Life]


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Ммм, что-то новенькое :)

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