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Schodt - April 2013 | Silk Royal Records | House | 1 track | 320 kbps Оценка: ***** 1 Голосов

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Отправлено 05 октября 2013 - 21:01

Schodt - April

Label: Silk Royal Records
Catalog #: SILKRL055
Source: Web
Format: mp3
Type: Single
Release date: 14.10.2013
Quality: 320 kbps. 44100 Hz. Joint Stereo
Genre: Electronic
Style: Electro House, Dubstep, Progressive House
Size: ~ Mb

April (Original Mix) 07:20


Schodt's contribution to Silk Royal since our imprint's launch in May 2009 has been second to none: he not only has released more tracks with us than any other artist, but his richly melodic, hyper emotive, and often adrenalin-fueled sound has come to define our brand. It is our great honor to present "April", the 1st single from his forthcoming "Darkness | Light" artist album.
The song jets out of the gate with a furious rhythm, as stutter vocals quickly make their entrance as well. At the quarter turn, we are met by a teaser of the awe-inspiring lead chord progression. As the song begins its dramatic build toward the main break, the listener is treated to Schodt's many artistic signatures in full glory: sweeping strings, delicate piano strokes, and, of course, the rapturous vocal stabs that punctuate the groove. In the breakdown, the bass erupts with thunderous wobble effects, while the hypnotic sequence of vocal effects overhead, like the mythological Sirens, fully entrance anyone who dares to stand in their way.


Question & answer, truth or lie.

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