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VA - We Only See Sun Glare 2013 | Mango Alley | Downtempo, Chillout | 11 tracks | 320 kbps Оценка: -----

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Отправлено 15 сентября 2013 - 09:16

VA - We Only See Sun Glare


Release Info:
    Artist: VA
    Title: We Only See Sun Glare
    Label: Mango Alley Recordings
    Catalog #: ALLEY032
    Genre: Electronic
    Style: Downtempo, Chillout
    Quality: 320 kbps
    Release Date: 2013-08-28
    Size: ~ 111 Mb

    01. Exist Strategy - Manual Breathing (MA Intro Edit)
    02. Sean Mackey - Mountain Republic (Original Mix)
    03. Sunamount - Orange Blossom (Original Mix)
    04. Seawaves - I'll Love You All the Time (Original Mix)
    05. Skywide - Aquatic Light Show Feat. Seawaves (Original Mix)
    06. Gregory Esayan - Innerspace (Harold-Alexis Remix / MA Edit)
    07. Tom Day - Goodbye Friends (Original Mix)
    08. Dan Sieg - Beneath (Original Mix)
    09. Seawaves - Images (Original Mix)
    10. Mango - The Shore (Re-Mastered)
    11. Gallery Six - After the End (Original Mix)


Release Description:

    Golden sunlight dapples through a leafy canopy, dancing and sparkling on the water below as the ambient aural soundstage provides a natural and enveloping soundtrack to the turning of another season. "We Only See Sun Glare" - the perfect accompaniment to a summer season that imperceptibly drifts into autumnal colours. A supremely serene compilation by Mango Alley captures the very essence of late summer mood. Eleven musical vignettes beautifully characterise the simultaneous emotions of joy, sadness, love and contemplation. The emotive piano from the album's opening movements, juxtaposed against ticking percussive patterns, conjuring images of nature's pitter-patter rain rhythms on hot pavements. Soft vocal treatments issue proclamations of love against staccato harmonies. Infinite regularity in the tides and the waves they create, pulse before folding back on themselves, dissipating former forceful energies harmlessly against the shoreline. Melodic tranquillity infused after a perfect storm. Reminiscing with old friends about summers past and present, laughter echoes across the room as snatches of conversation permeate the subconscious like fragments of a familiar tune. Friends and lovers walk hand-in-hand, meandering along a path of familiar places, lost in a private world of sound and vision under a starlight sky and warm evening breeze. Nostalgia beckons once more, September's here again.

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