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Richard Durand And Eximinds - Las Vegas (In Search Of Sunrise Anthem) 26th August, 2013 | Magik Muzik | Trance / Progressive Оценка: ***** 1 Голосов

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Отправлено 26 августа 2013 - 15:26

Richard Durand And Eximinds - Las Vegas (2013)


Release Info:
Artist: Richard Durand And Eximinds
Title: Las Vegas (In Search Of Sunrise Anthem)
Style: Trance
Record Label: Magik Muzik
Catalog #: MM10690
Release Date: 26th August, 2013 (Beatport Exclusive)
Source: WEB
Release Quality: 320 kbps / 44,100 Hz / Full Stereo
Total Size: _ MB


1. Las Vegas (In Search Of Sunrise Anthem) (Original Mix)
2. Las Vegas (In Search Of Sunrise Anthem) (Organic Mix)


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Release Description:
In June of this year, Richard Durand presented the eleventh excursion of the In Search of Sunrise series that he conceived with Myon & Shane54, dedicated to 'The City of Sin': Las Vegas. As tradition demands, this brand new volume also features an In Search of Sunrise anthem, which Richard produced with Eximinds. Finally available in its original, full length, the single release also features the brand new Organic Remix.

There's much more to the track "Las Vegas" than only the title, especially since it represents an entire mixcompilation. As Richard recently stated: “With electronic music in the United States having changed so momentously over the last couple of years, there really was only one choice when it came to the country for 2013’s ‘Search’. I’ve selected Las Vegas to be the focal point, as it’s a place where I’ve seen the sun come up many times over. It’s a celebration of everything that’s great musically about L.V. and the USA at large.”

Richard's choice to work with Eximinds on "Las Vegas" didn't just fall out of the sky either. The Russian duo quickly emerged over the last two years and have become one of the fastest rising names in trance and progressive. While Eximinds existed for several years as a musical experiment with various members, it was only under the influence of current members Alexander Zhukov and Dmitry Momzikov, that their musical collective started to gain the attention of EDM's elite.

As a true anthem should, "Las Vegas" features an epic melodic and increasingly atmospheric sound that phases its way onto the dancefloor. Hard, seismically registering beats and bright, enlightening synths show off perfectly how Richard and Eximinds open the thrusters wide, setting it on course for its edge-of-the-seat climax. The Organic Remix honors the original theme, with a more trance aimed approach to it. Maybe the best anthem for the city so far, "Las Vegas" will surely be hammered in all the ruling venues this season!


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