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Andrew Bayer - Need Your Love / England / Detuned 19th August, 2013 | Anjunabeats | House / DubStep Оценка: ***** 2 Голосов

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Andrew Bayer - Need Your Love / England / Detuned (2013)


Release Info:
Artist: Andrew Bayer
Title: Need Your Love / England / Detuned
Style: House / Progressive / IDM / DubStep
Record Label: Anjunabeats
Catalog #: ANJ290RD
Release Date: 19th August, 2013
Source: WEB
Release Quality: Lossless / 320 kbps / 44,100 Hz / Full Stereo
Total Size: _ MB


1. Need Your Love (Club Mix)
2. England (Original Mix)
3. Detuned (Original Mix)


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Release Description:
Named electronica album of the month by Mojo magazine, Andrew Bayer's "If it Were You, We'd Never Leave" captures the imagination of Anjunabeats fans and the electronic music world at large when it was released earlier this year. Experimental, musical and full of heart-lifting melodic moments, the album's home-listening vibes sat outside of the club arenas that Bayer normally finds himself.

Taking the album's sounds into peak time territory, Andrew Bayer's own Club Mix of "Need Your Love" changes all that and brings them into a new light.

Showcasing the more dancefloor-focussed side of his multi-faceted musical character, Andrew Bayer's Club Mix reboots the original's ethereal beauty for progressive dance floors - adding a trademark Bayer twist.

Building through a hypnotic groove, Bayer takes us into a typically majestic breakdown with the original's distinctive vocals ghosting through the air before unleashing a surging piano lead. Full of emotion, energy and quirky musicality, the remix brings together two sides of Bayer's musical character brilliantly.

Complimenting the mix is the brilliant "England", a favourite from Above & Beyond's "Anjunabeats Volume 10". A quirky, electro-edged groover with a downtempo, chiming breakdown that could easily have slotted onto "If It Were You, We'd Never Leave", "England" has been a mainstay in Above & Beyond's sets all year and is now picking up major DJ support from big hitters across the progressive and trance divide.

Completing the package is the musical dubstep of "Detuned". A much loved track from Andrew's TATW450 set, "Detuned" brings together glitchy beats, sludgy bass and cinematic strings in a unique style.

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England - жду не дождусь!

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Need Your Love клаб микс ожидается в данном релизе. Прошу исправить.
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Upgrade ...

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