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Empire Of The Sun - Ice On The Dune (Album) 17th June, 2013 | Capitol Records | Electronic Оценка: ***** 2 Голосов

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Empire Of The Sun - Ice On The Dune (Album) (2013)


Release Info:
Artist: Empire Of The Sun
Title: Ice On The Dune (Album)
Style: Electronic / Altarnative / Rock / Synth Pop / New Wave
Record Label: Capitol Records
Catalog #:
Release Date: 17th June, 2013
Source: WEB, CD
Release Quality: VBR kbps / 44,100 Hz / Full Stereo
Total Size: _ MB


1. Lux
2. DNA
3. Alive
4. Concert Pitch
5. Ice On The Dune
6. Awakening
7. I’ll Be Around
8. Old Flavours
9. Celebrate
10. Surround Sound
11. Disarm
12. Keep A Watch.


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Release Description:
Electronic pioneers Empire Of The Sun are back with their second album 'Ice On The Dune', which is set for release in June 2013. This time around Emperor Steele and Lord Littlemore face an unprecedented challenge in their bid to restore peace to the world, 1000 years into the future.

In 2008, two of Australia's leading musician/producers Luke Steele (The Sleepy Jackson) and Nick Littlemore (Pnau) created a vision that seemed to come from an alternative reality - a post-apocalyptic psychedelic adventure known as Empire Of The Sun. The resulting album 'Walking On A Dream' went on to sell a million-plus copies worldwide, spawning the singles 'We Are The People', 'Walking On A Dream', 'Standing on the Shore', 'Without You' and 'Half Mast'. 2 BRIT nominations (including Best International Album), 8 ARIA awards (including Album of the Year), and many more accolades followed.

The Empire live show became the highlight of many summer festivals with its larger-than-life production featuring jaw-dropping visuals, dancing swordfish girls, cryo-bazookas, and other-worldy special effects. SPIN praised the band's 2011 Coachella performance, observing: 'The easiest way to blast off wasn't with MDMA, LSD, peyote, or any other mind-expanding drug. It was with sci-fi Australian dance outfit Empire of the Sun, whose set at the Outdoor Theatre was out of this world.' The show will hit the road again from May 2013 and the band have been confirmed as headliners for UK arts led Wilderness Festival on 9th - 11th August 2013.

Empire Of The Sun became equally known for their colourful and creative music videos, having chalked up a total in excess of 40 million YouTube views. This time around, the duo have taken their vision to another level as seen in the trailer (entitled 'Discovery') for the forthcoming album which was revealed today.

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Крутой коллектив) Это же их, я думаю достаточно известная, песня под названием We are the People? Очень приятный ремикс от Wawa на неё :music:

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added CD (VBR Quality)

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