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Falcon - Punch 25 Feb, 2013 | Air Up There | Trance | 3 tracks | 320 kbps Оценка: ***** 1 Голосов

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Отправлено 13 мая 2013 - 11:36

Falcon - Punch (2013)


Release Info:
Artist: Falcon
Single: Punch
Style: Trance
Source: WEB
Record Label: Air Up There
Catalog #: AUTR026
Release Date: 25 February, 2013
Release Quality: 320 kbps / 44,100 Hz / Full Stereo
Total Size: ** mb


01. Falcon - Punch (Original Mix)



Release Description:

Fresh from Oregon, US - Falcon throws up a huge bomb next on Tritonal's Air Up There Recordings.

Known for his more uplifting releases under Enhanced Music, such as the recent hits 'Aquilla' and 'Serenity' on Always Alive, Falcon produces his next single with a different focus, showing his flexibility in the studio.

'Punch' is sure to blow you away with big bass grinds and uplifting chords sequences, rounded together with sharp percussion and neat vocal interims - this track will create an untouchable atmosphere in any venue.

Outstanding skills once again from the young and talented, Falcon!

Delivered by Label Worx on behalf of Air Up There Recordings


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