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VA - Silk Digital Pres. Mango 01 2013 | Silk Digital | Prog.House | 10 tracks | 256 kbps Оценка: ***** 2 Голосов

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Отправлено 12 мая 2013 - 16:12

VA - Silk Digital Pres. Mango 01


Скрытый текст

Release Info:
    Artist: VA
    Title: Silk Digital Pres. Mango 01
    Label: Silk Digital
    Catalog #: SILKAC02
    Genre: Electronic
    Style: Prog.House
    Quality: 256 kbps (iTunes)
    Release Date: 2013-03-12
    Size: ~ 147 Mb

    01. MAZ7 - Summer Day (Mango & Arthur Deep Remix)
    02. Arthur Deep - Friends (Mango Remix)
    03. Mango - Strawberry (Original Mix)
    04. Claes Rosen - Sweet Memories (Mango Remix)
    05. Mango - Here We Go (Original Mix)
    06. Schodt feat Aida Fenhel - White Tiger (Mango Remix)
    07. Aeron Aether & Mango & Civil Servants - Searching For A Memory (Original Mix)
    08. Pinkbox Special - The French Don't Cry (Mango 'Prog Used To Be Special' Remix)
    09. Embliss & Mango - Heiligenstadt (Original MIx)
    10. Mango - Tokyo 7am (Original Mix)



Release Description:

    Silk Music looks back upon the storied discography of Alex "Mango" Golovanov with "Mango 01," our second retrospective artist compilation in as many weeks. It is fair to say that Silk Music will be forever indebted to Mango, whose distinctive melodic and emotive progressive sound has come to define our label over the past 5 years. He also has been with us from the very beginning: Max Flyant, who continues to manage both Silk Digital and Silk Textures, met Mango in 2007, and, upon hearing his music, vowed to launch a label that would expose Mango's unique vision to the rest of the world. Thus, Silk Digital was launched in January 2008, and, in subsequent years, Silk Sofa, Silk Royal, Silk Textures, and Arrival followed.
    This compilation features various standout Mango tracks from the past 5 years: from his beloved and definitive "Summer Day" remix, a collaboration with Arthur Deep that was part of our very first Silk release, to the cinematic "Tokyo 7am." The ten selections on Mango 01 will always remain emblematic of Silk and will forever be close to our hearts.


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