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Vadim Soloviev's Sampler - Intricate Sessions Volume 01 29 Apr, 2013 | Intricate Records | Prog House | 3 tracks | 320 kbps Оценка: ***** 3 Голосов

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Популярный пост!

Vadim Soloviev's Sampler - Intricate Sessions Volume 01 (2013)


Release Info:
Artist: Vadim Soloviev's Sample
Single: Intricate Sessions Volume 01
Style: Progressive House
Source: WEB
Record Label: Intricate Records
Catalog #:
Release Date: 29 April , 2013
Release Quality: 320 kbps / 44,100 Hz / Full Stereo
Total Size: ** mb


01. Matt Fax - Wickham (Original Mix)
02. Nigel Good vs. Moussa Clarke Feat. Fisher - Space Plus Love (Intricate Mix)
03. Vadim Soloviev - Whiskey Soup (Original Mix)



Release Description:

Intricate Records is proud to announce the forthcoming launch of the label’s exclusive compilation
series. The initial one is scheduled for May 2013. The honourable duty to snip the red ribbon is offered to the label’s residents and co-founders, PROFF и Vadim Soloviev. The appearance of the compilation will be preceded by two samplers. The content of second sampler was selected by Vadim Soloviev. It includes three tracks which will also be featured on the full-length compilation: «Wickham» by Matt Fax, «Whiskey Soup» by Vadim himself and «Space Plus Love» Nigel Good vs. Moussa Clarke feat. Fisher in a special Intricate Mix.

Matt Fax represents the new generation of producers who, despite their tender age, are already very tech savvy and willing to turn their creative ideas into reality, they are chasing scene veterans all the time. Matt’s discography is remarkable due to singles and remixes released on Silk Music, Neuroscience Deep, Axon and Colorize. Don’t forget, Matt is 16. Now the time has come for Intricate Records. Pointedly for the debut compilation, this young French producer offered his latest work entitled «Wickham», which is so full of bright and dancefloor-friendly sound. It is no surprise that more and more people call him «the son of Eric Prydz» (in terms of music, of course). As a sidenote, «Wickham» was already tested at «Trancemission» festival in Moscow in front of thousands of clubbers. The second pearl in the sampler’s shell is a special remix of «Space Plus Love» Nigel Good vs. Moussa Clarke feat. Fisher. The basis of the track was elaborated of the vocal part by Kathleen Fisher from the song «Love Key» by Moussa Clarke, recorded back in 2007, and the track «Space Minus One» by Canada-based Nigel Good, you remember this one from the Summer Sampler by Intricate Records released in August 2012. Some clever engineering and mixdown work has been done on «Space Plus Love», so even a very attentive listener might not notice in fact it’s a remix, not an original production.

The third element of the sampler was presented by Vadim Soloviev himself. His track is called «Whiskey Soup» and does not contain any soup but a wicked coctail – it combines dozens of diverse sounds, vocal samples and unexpected insertions which are far more characteristic for other musical genres, not for Progressive. In general, all these ingredients build up that funky, positive or, if you look at the title once again, «drunk» sound, this favoured Vadim Soloviev sound.

Сообщение отредактировал vovkanah: 11 мая 2013 - 19:57

Когда сделаете столько глупостей как я, тогда и будете меня критиковать

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Matt Fax - Wickham :bomb: ! Matt Fax молодца клевый трек замутил!
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Просмотр сообщенияFORZE (08 апреля 2013 - 21:42) писал:

Matt Fax - Wickham :bomb: ! Matt Fax молодца клевый трек замутил!

помоему intricate стал тем чем раньше был anjunadeep, не удивлюсь если на их компилле чтонить от soundprank'a например будет)

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Присоединяюсь к вышесказанным мнениям, Matt Fax - Wickham тащит релиз!

Сообщение отредактировал Dahlback: 08 апреля 2013 - 23:41


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