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Lence & Pluton - Native Home 2013 | In Trance We Trust | Trance | 1 track | 320 kbps Оценка: ***** 2 Голосов

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Отправлено 06 марта 2013 - 12:06

Lence & Pluton - Native Home

Скрытый текст

Release Info:
    Artist: Lence & Pluton
    Title: Native Home
    Label: In Trance We Trust
    Catalog#: ITWT 5810
    Style: Trance
    Release Date: 2013
    Quality: 320 kbps
    Total Size: ~ ** Mb

    01. Lence & Pluton - Native Home (Original Mix)


Release Description:

    Lence & Pluton present their debut single "Native Home" on the In Trance We Trust imprint.

    The act Lence & Pluton is in fact a project of two independent musicians united by only one purpose - to bring Ukrainian music product to new heights. Allergic to monotony, their goal is to always create a sound that varies from track to track, all the while keeping a close eye on sound quality. Lence & Pluton like to mix melody styles, based on the drive and emotion of trance music. When playing live as DJs, the two producers mix tracks in such a fashion that they deliver the audience a set that they consider "a cocktail of musicians that know the trends in the dance industry".
    "Native Home" is a straight up trance slammer that follows in the footsteps of the unique sound currently coming from the Ukraine. With plenty of cosmic and deeply touching synth programming, Lence & Pluton have created a gem with a certain kind of gusto that may refer to what the title stands for: their native country. True to their motto, "Native Home" is far from monotonous and will soon find its way to a sparkling, all night live set.

    Supported by Tiesto, Markus Schulz, Rank1, Aly & Fila, Sean Tyas, Dash Berlin, Richard Durand, Pedro del Mar and many others, Lence & Pluton have released their output on Armada, Echelon, Unearthed, Redux...

Изображение << 256 kbps, thnx to Bad Boy // 320 kbps

Сообщение отредактировал marxjet: 09 апреля 2013 - 22:12
Причина редактирования added link 320kbps

Чем банальнее звучат слова, тем больше в них содержится истины
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Отправлено 14 марта 2013 - 16:34


Quality: 256 kbps
Total Size: 13.3 Mb

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Отправлено 12 апреля 2013 - 11:11

украинцы неплохой тречок забацали, лёгенький. правда, на один раз он)))
Когда сделаете столько глупостей как я, тогда и будете меня критиковать

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