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In Search Of Sunrise 11: Las Vegas 2013 | Songbird | Trance / Progressive | 3CD | 320 kbps Оценка: ***** 3 Голосов

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In Search Of Sunrise 11: Las Vegas


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Release Info:
    Artist: Richard Durand with Myon & Shane 54
    Title: In Search Of Sunrise 11: Las Vegas
    Label: Songbird
    Catalog#: SBCD19
    Genre: Electronica
    Style: Trance / Progressive / House
    Release Date: 2013-06
    Quality: 320 kbps
    Total Size: ~ ** Mb

    Disc1 - mixed by Richard Durand
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    Disc2 - mixed by Richard Durand
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    Disc3 - mixed by Myon & Shane 54
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Release Description:

    Under his captaincy, he's steered the good ship In Search of Sunrise into a new EDM era. Continuing its fine tradition of finding and breaking dance anthems, its been hailed by Mixmag as "the great trance series of them all" and become a cornerstone of music lovers collections the planet over. Today, Richard Durand is delighted to reveal the target for his fourth heat-seeker… Hold on tight as the series goes… in Search of Sin City.
    The eleventh "In Search of Sunrise" will naturally debut a rich seam of frontier-breaking, first-listen trance and progressive, along with other EDM aspects, hot from the desks of some of the World's most talented sound-sculptors. Two discs will be compiled and mixed by the steadfast hand of Durand, but in 2013 Richard's decided to give the album's make-up… a bit of a shake up!
    This year he's invited two other spinners along on the quest, with Hungary's finest dance music export Myon & Shane 54 joining the expedition, particularly known for their Summer Of Love tuneage. They will be taking to the mix of the third disc, adding their sunrise-seeking spin to the release.

    On the album's Las Vegas setting, Richard says: "with EDM in States having changed so momentously over the last couple of years, there really was only one choice when it came to the country for 2013's "Search". I've selected Sin City herself, Las Vegas to be the focus point of it all though. This album will be a celebration of everything that's great musically about L.V. and the USA at large."

    Closer to spring, we'll be back with much more info. Until then ISOS-fans start thinking bright lights, Sin City - Richard Durand with Myon & Shane 54 - In Search Of Sunrise 11: Las Vegas is on the way.


CD1 || CD2 || CD3

Mixes & UNMixes: (FULL)

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Отправлено 03 июня 2013 - 10:06

Вот так летний сюрприз :D , сразу 3 диска, будет что послушать!
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Неплохая компиляция!
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Отправлено 11 июня 2013 - 02:21

Запилил отдельно миксы и совместно (in the archive not mixcut) ...

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Урааа! Не ожидал так рано это увидеть :D Прошлая компиляция долго играла в моей голове :heart:

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скетч, засранец ты! скачал, а потом замучился из тегов лишнее убирать)
Когда сделаете столько глупостей как я, тогда и будете меня критиковать

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