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Vadim Soloviev - Tempo 25 February, 2013 | Intricate Records | Progressive House Оценка: ***** 2 Голосов

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Vadim Soloviev - Tempo


Release Info:
Artist: Vadim Soloviev
Single: Tempo
Style: Progressive House
Source: WEB
Record Label: Intricate Records
Catalog#: INTRICATE023
Release Date: 25 February 2013
Release Quality: 320 kbps / 44,100 Hz / Full Stereo
Total Size: 47.86 mb


01. Vadim Soloviev - Tempo (Original Mix)
02. Vadim Soloviev - Tempo (Flippers Remix)
03. Vadim Soloviev - Tempo (Sergey Tkachev Remix)




Release Description:
Yet another musical delicacy is ready to appear on the release catalog of Intricate Records. This time it was cooked by one of the label's co-founders, Vadim Soloviev, a prominent figure in the field of electronic dance music and a highly experienced Russian producer. The inner filling of the "Tempo" track could be described as a simple and understandable melody surrounded by a score of cosmic and funky sounds. This creation is remarkable because of its gradual, progressive type, classical breakdown structure, impressive culmination point and flagging echo in the final part. Very light but, at the same time, very energetic - these are the right words to describe Vadim's current production preferences. Using the classical music terminology, one could call the original version of the track "Allegro", relevant to its tempo. "I recorded the initial piece two years ago, but it did not see the light of day due to various reasons, -- Vadim reveals some details from the past. -- I convinced myself to continue working on this sketch and make it better and better until I felt myself content with the result. As a resume of this work, there were few versions in front of me, I took a break once again and returned to "Tempo" one year after. It was worth waiting -- the latest remake was good enough not only for myself, but also for my label colleagues, that's why we decided to release it on Intricate". The label's co-owner Sergey Tkachev presents his own vision of "Tempo" in a form of remix while the Israeli duo Flippers made the original mix even more dance floor friendly and turned it into club mix.

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Изображение ( ' ' )

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я не знаю кто такой Flippers, но его версия самая крутая здесь :bomb:

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Просмотр сообщенияmichael_V (27 февраля 2013 - 12:08) писал:

я не знаю кто такой Flippers, но его версия самая крутая здесь :bomb:

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